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The 620 ft (189 metres) Zeppelin L5, captained by Alois Boecker, was heard near Dunwich on the night of 15 to 16 April.

Welcome to 2023, a year of change.  The first one to loom over us are changes to Use It All's Collection places and days.

We're still in mid-stride!

COP27 is on right now. There are already some dire warnings.

21 November 18:00-21:00, East Suffolk House, Melton

A great idea started a few years ago by The Lowestoft Archaeo

Chosen by Amber Butchart, dress historian and curator

The Trinity Brethren took responsibility for the Lowestoft Light, originally erected by a private individual named Bushell. There were two candle lights on the Ness foreshore.

The Scores are a series of narrow lanes and steep pathways running from Lowestoft High Street to the site of the town's former beach village.

(Darren has ideas on this!) I love Ness Point but I am in minority because I am a nerd and just wax lyrical about all the maths I could do with kid

Growth Hub can help firms struggling with energy costs

New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership are offering grants to local businesses. 

Hard times for everyone, so we need every little bit of help. The Budget on 3 March 2021 announced: Restart grants for