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15 Best places to visit

At the Suffolk-Norfolk border, Lowestoft is a seaside resort and port town with an interesting story to tell. In the 20th century the port was one of… more
Bird Box Darren Breeze

A Season of Bird Boxes

First Light has come up with a smashing idea to celebrate nature, birds, travel and Lowestoft – First Flight, A Season of Bird Boxes.  Lotta birds… more
LT472 Excelsior  built in 1921, a Lowestoft Smack

All at Sea with the Lowestoft Smack Race

Lowestoft's Vessel Festival got under way this morning. A multitude of old sailing vessels raced each other just off the harbour mouth. There were… more
Pic from Pathways Care Farm - a barrow of produce


"A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows." – Doug Larson This section has a list of… more

Banksy in park

Photo credit the independent

Banksy Vending Machine

The Banksy Spraycation street art gave Lowestoft a real boost at a difficult time and added to a sense of pride. I'm sure you are aware this was… more
Sunrise on South Beach J Ellerby

Beach of Dreams and a Walk

Festival of Light has become The Beach of Dreams – a spectacular installation of 500 individually designed silk flags on Lowestoft South Beach on… more
Big Lunch People Lowestoft 2019,Big Lunch Food Lowestoft June 2019

Big Lunch 2021

Most Easterly is already planning 2021's BIG LUNCH. Big Lunch is a nationwide event for the weekend of 5/6th June 2021. It's a simple idea. People… more

Bike Speed

Local Bike Shop
biker down

Biker Down Course

As bikers tend to ride in groups or pairs, it is usually the case that when one is involved in an incident, the first person on the scene will be a… more
Sunflower head

Blooming High Street Sunflower Success

From seedlings great things can grow In April I was one of the happy recipients of Most Easterly's great seed giveaway. A sunflower seedling, a… more

Book Club - Love On A Branch Line

by John Hadfield is the book for this month. 

Book club zoom meeting

This month's read is open to everyone Anyone who enjoys reading and sharing with others   

Book suggestions for you

A Promised Land by Barack Obama The new book by former President Obama tells of the journey from his earliest political aspirations to his presidency… more