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 Lowestoft Porcelain Factory

Lowestoft Porcelain Factory

Lowestoft Porcelain Factory, between 1757 and 1802, was in production for longer than any English soft-paste porcelain manufacturer other than Royal… more

127 High Street wall advert

we are working to turn this into reality and will keep you all informed of progress. more soon

161 London Rd South

161 London Rd South161 London Rd South
Town Hall CREDIT:Marion Hayes

1900 Town Hall Builders

Thanks to Marion Hayes for an excellent photo from early 1900’s showing building work on the Town Hall. We had been struggling to find ANY front on… more
329 Whapload Road CREDIT:Archaeological and Local History Society

329 Whapload Road

This is certainly the most important work-related building left in town, connected with the Lowestoft fishing industry of pre-industrial times