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Use It All

Use It All means using everything to its fullest extent.

Re-Use ( and pass it on, sell it on) Re-pair (by you or a shop or a Men's ShedRe-purpose (upcycle, find a different use) Re-cycle (blue bin, green bin, Terracycling) Where to Recycle Map  search for bottle banks, clothing banks, shoes, paper - as many as we can find. It's local.  . Local is the key...

Poster Let's Investigate to stop the plastic crisis   

Did you know this is Big Plastic Count Week, 11-17th March?
Poster for Future of Plastics   

Thursday 14 March 2024 The Future of Plastics 19:30 – 21:00One of the ways to tackle pollution and resource scarcity is to reduce the amount of…

Meeting weekly at The Land, Denmark Roademail

Without doubt, the biggest technical challenge for retrofitting historic buildings, such as Lowestoft Town Hall, is accommodating plant and services…