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North Lowestoft Shed on the way!

Image swollen-thighed beetle and nettletap moth
Swollen-thighed beetle and nettletap moth
image of palletts upside down
palletts upside down
Image Hard at Work - upside down
Hard at Work - upside down

North Lowestoft Men's Shed has taken up residence in Denmark Road!

Shed members have been working on the land – courtesy of Greater Anglia – just west of Lowestoft Railway Station.

We've removed some bramble bushes, started to level where the temporary shed will go, got a load of pallets, and crocked at least one back.

We hope to have a shed of sorts on the land within six weeks – probably a bit optimistic, but you never know.

We're going to need help and donations from individuals and businesses – email us on


If you're interested in joining us, email for a membership form. Next working-party meeting 10.30am Wednesday 31st. See map for location.


52.474782274556, 1.7455584929988


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