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Opening of Cosy Corner cinema 1913

JRC Cosy Corner with builders
JRC Cosy Corner with builders CREDIT:Ivan Bunn
Butchers silent empire
Butchers silent empire CREDIT:Ivan Bunn
Cosy Corner  CREDIT:Ivan Bunn
Cosy Corner CREDIT:Ivan Bunn

extract from Lowestoft Journal - Saturday 04 October 1913

THE COSY CORNER: Very aptly named "The Cosy Corner Picture House." whose gleaming white and richly decorated elevation dominates the whole of the main thoroughfare from near Old Nelson Street (where it to situated), down southwards as far as the Central Station, will be found everything that its name implies. and more, when it is opened on Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock. It is not only , cosy, but absolutely ornate and luxurious. Everything le of the smartest and best, and it is safe to say that it is one of the prettiest, and, at the came time, one of the most comfortable picture-dromes in the Eastern Counties--and further afield. The front is imposing and pleasing. The white raised figures and flower groups, together with a couple of little cherubs perched up aloft, Give a fine and impressive relief. The entrance is by a finely-curved doorway, which opens into a spacious and admirably-decked vestibule. The interior is fully in keeping, and, with white mouldings and artistic panelled. it presents a most pleasing appearance, which does the eyes good to gaze on. The balcony, a very delightful part of the house. is boldly curved, and the front has cherubs and scroll work, the colour tones being shaded rose, pale blue, and cream.

Very striking is the proscenium, as it may be called. The surface on to which the pictures are projected is framed in old gold, very effectively moulded. Inside the frame is a proscenium border of green velvet, richly embroidered in gold, and curtains at the side hang in heavy folds of green velvet. The latest and best tip-up seats are provided throughout. They are upholstered in apple green velvet, and are held in old gold frames. They are specially arranged with regard to space between, so as to give a maximum of comfortable room. Attached to every other seat is a small electric light, by which patrons ran find their places—a great improvement on the old system of electric torch flicking. An extra "rake" is given to the floor and the pictures can be fully viewed from any part. The balcony is similarly dealt with. The ventilation is on the most modern principles. In the summer time cold air is pumped from the outside through air ducts, off which run shafts. At the top of these are exhaust fans, which extract not only the pumped- in air, but smoke. Thus the whole atmosphere will be sweet and pure. In the winter the air will be heated, and so provide warmth. This installation is the work of Messrs. David Rowell and Co., of Westminster.

The generating plant and switches are all situated so as to avoid any risk of fire. It is the same with the fine lanterns and projectors (Butcher’s “Silent Empire”) which are fitted with an automatic brake so that in the event of a film breaking the machine stops, and the current and light are immediately cut off. The operating chamber is lined and roofed with asbestos, and every possible precaution has been taken against danger. At the foot of the proscenium are brass orchestra rails, with green curtains to match the other appointments. Music will be provided by a unique instrument—piano and organ, with stops, which san be used either separately or in combination, and there is a zither stop for use with the piano, which gives the effect produced by the instrument of that name. Over the entrance hall are stained glass windows in bright colours, showing the medieval ships in full sail. The floor in of terrasco - light and noiseless to the tread on and very cleanly. This description will convey the impression that nothing has been left undone to make the Cosy Corner attractive and when the interior is viewed by the large audiences that will assemble, it will be conceded that all that has been written has been warranted by appearances. The architects are Messrs. 0lley and Howard, and the builders who have done their work exceedingly well are Messrs. Mobbs Bros., of Lowestoft. The seating and the proscenium curtains have been furnished by Mr. F. R. Wheatley, Rink House, Lowestoft. The Cosy Corner will be opened by the Mayoress at 3 o'clock on Monday afternoon. for the opening week the principal feature of a comprehensive and varied programme will be a fine Nordisk production. " Wanted." 

With grateful thanks to Ivan Bunn


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