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Is this the new shed?


North Lowestoft Men's Shed shedders have looked round the Denmark Road building, owned by Network Rail.

It's the old Menzies distribution depot, and then it was Chadds' storage warehouse.. It's been there many years.

It looks perfect to us. We've not had a structural survey done, but it's been there since before 1900, and it looks solid as a rock. On the other hand, it needs a lot of work to bring it up to spec. Which makes it – perfect.

And there's a bit of land around, which can be used for gardening, bees, sunset watching.

We believe that we can make this into a green community asset which will enhance many people's well-being for many years to come.

We really hope that Network Rail 'get it' . We think they will.

We will be looking for help to do this.

A Men's Shed can be a vital part of local life. They've shown this throughout the world. And they've shown it in Pakefield, with the hugely successful Shed in Stradbroke Road. Pakefield have a waiting list. North Lowestoft needs a Shed!

Support us through our Facebook Page, and through this website. Contact us if you want to join us. Covid-19 willing, we will be having public Shed meetings very soon. Get on our mailing list.





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