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Persistent Vision

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Mayfly garden welcomes experts and a new MP

The Mayfly, burgeoning coffee and cultural High Street hub, is turning some derelict land into, well, something else. A community garden? A mini-wildlife reserve? Butterfly haven? Part of a grand scheme to upgrade the whole of the cliff-face? It'll be up to those who get involved, said Piers Colby, le patron of The Mayfly and community catalyst.

On what had turned out to be  General Election Day, The Mayfly Garden Group welcomed Dr Ian Bedford and Dannny Suggit, Production Manager of PlantGrow Ltd


Book Club Meetup

We look forward to welcoming you :-)


Get the book from: Moral of The Story Bookshop


community garden

Great progress being made on community garden

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1999 Project Saved

A Millenium Heritage project from 1999 has been restored and saved by LO&N. It can be viewed here and even has its audio files updated to a current (playable) mp3 format as can be seen/heard here

credit:Chelsea Kemp

TT Quiz Night

The Triangle Tavern, home to Green Jack Beers and a juke-box-less front bar, is starting up its Quiz Nights again. At the moment it's monthly, but if it works, it might go fortnightly. 

The 2nd Prize – a unique Quiz t-shirt

The Cost - £2.00 per person (cash only)

The Teams – max 5 per team, min 1 person . One person teams get automatic 5 bonus points

The Rounds – Five rounds – usually 2 general, 1 single category eg 'science', 1 local, 1 sound or picture.

Vinyl Night at the Triangle

TT Vinyl Night

The Polemical Bothers present your vinyl.


Light Up The High Street

Imagine standing at the top of London Road North, looking north. It's dusk. You can hear a choir, its sound drifting towards you from the market place. 

Christmas lights begin to illuminate the street, some flickering a bit, suggesting oil-lamps and covered candles. It seems every window is aglow. Every shop is open, welcoming your business. You walk up the street. Some people are apparently ghosts of the past. Many others are dressed to promenade. There's a market. Between carols, a town crier is announcing the names of the many businesses in the street.

CREDIT: Fernando Toledo

Milestones Jazz

Milestones is resident at Hotel Hatfield, Esplanade, Lowestoft and opens its doors at 7pm on the first Sunday of every month with an admission price of usually £14

Black Death

Black Death arrives

The Black Death arrived in Lowestoft devastating the population.The national accepted average for deaths in England is somewhere around 60%. Info on Lowestoft is very limited


Mayfly Community Garden

Many of you will be aware of our ongoing efforts to improve the land to the rear of the Mayfly. Despite running battles with flytippers, we’ve made huge progress, and we’re keen to keep going. However, we’ve been told we’re no longer able to access the recycling centre without a waste carriers licence, and haven’t the funds for a skip. So we’re very grateful indeed to Jo Thompson for setting up the below fundraiser. Any donations will be greatly appreciated and will have an immediate and positive impact on the land, environment, and on the improvement of Rant Score. Thanks!


Lighten our darkness

A march for better streetlighting. This is a community initiative by local residents to highlight the number of street lights not working and the length of time it has taken to repair/ replace 


Devereux wall advert restoration

Plans are afoot to try and sensitively recreate this 100 year old wall advert. It will reflect and celebrate the restoration and revitalisation going on currently throughout Lowestoft but particularly on the historic High Street. 

 The property owner is supportive of the project so work is now underway to raise the £8,000 the project will require. 

 Any info about 'Football Tea' gratefully received, especially if it's historical evidence.

Street lights around the A47 in Lowestoft which are not working. Picture: Mick Howes (Image: Mick Howes)

Street Lights Protest March

Neighbours come together for a protest march... against broken street lights

Lowestoft Journal writes...For two years parts of the A47 in Lowestoft has been plunged into darkness.

Broken street lights have not been fixed by National Highways - despite numerous reports being raised by locals.

Now to highlight the issues a protest march of around one-and-a-half miles is set to take place in the coastal town.

A group of locals said the ongoing situation had become so bad that it was now "an accident waiting to happen."

Lowestoft Porcelain Factory

Lowestoft Porcelain Factory

Lowestoft Porcelain Factory, between 1757 and 1802, was in production for longer than any English soft-paste porcelain manufacturer other than Royal Worcester and Royal Crown Derby, producing domestic ware such as pots, teapots and jugs. Site roughly where Crown Brushes is now in Crown Street.

A perspective view of Lowestoft from the N. E. Battery by J. Cole, 1790

The Hanging Gardens of North Lowestoft

by Susan Steward and Harry Grainger

1870 Denes

An Historical Account of the Lowestoft Denes  

The term denes is an earlier version of dunes. It derives from OE dūn, meaning “a hill”, and became applied to coastal sandhills during the late medieval period – being first identified in a printed source dating from the year 1523. In Lowestoft’s case, any undulating effect may never have been very great as a result of tidal action and the effect of the wind, and the progressive development of scrub-growth of one kind and another would have moderated this even further.

Image: High Street closed

High Street: Hope from the ashes

On Saturday 3rd June 2023 disaster hit Lowestoft's High Street, but all is not doom and gloom.  

145, High Street suffered a crippling fire. At least two people were rescued by firefighters. Nine fire appliances of various types attended. Electricity was turned off for part of the High Street for a few hours. Not only did the flat-dwellers lose their homes, but High Street Furnishings lost their shop and store.  

The fire destroyed the top floor, and severe water damage affected the rest of the building. 

JRC Cosy Corner with builders

Opening of Cosy Corner cinema 1913

extract from Lowestoft Journal - Saturday 04 October 1913


The Second Light House in Great Britain

#LowestoftDaysOfChristmas 7th day.. SECOND LIGHTHOUSE "Lowestoft...oldest established Lighthouse Station in Great Britain" (Caister had the first Trinity House leading lights (1607) - and Lowestoft was second (1609))

This is a timeline of Lowestoft's Lighthouse Stations. 

Credit Pinterest

Fish-house entirely washed away

When a fish-house, in the southern part of the town, was entirely washed away, and another fish-house and barn were so exceedingly damaged, as to make it necessary to have them taken down. credit:Gillingwaters History of Lowestoft.   


King George II shipwrecked

On this day King George II was rescued from the sea on Lowestoft beach in 1737.

Map showing boundary of North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone

North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone (HAZ)

North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone "The North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) covers Lowestoft High Street and Scores, the Sparrow’s Nest Park and the Whapload Road area.   The aim of the HAZ is to promote the renovation and repair of historic buildings and public spaces to stimulate the economic revival of the area.

CREDIT:Susan Parr

Tuttles Tales theatre project

A project funded by the Arts Council is calling on people to share memories of a town's now-closed department store.

Tuttles Tales will examine Tuttles in Lowestoft, Suffolk, which closed in 1981, through personal stories and physical memorabilia.

The stories will be collated to inspire a production of the same name at The Seagull Theatre in March 2024.



Lost End Of High Street

It is hard to make sense of the lost buildings at the top of High Street when all that is left is a long stretch of grass. So we started with an 1893 map that had TWO buildings that are STILL here today Arnold House (4) and The Flint House (now called The Royal Falcon (26)). 


New Local History Book

Lowestoft, 1550-1750: Development and Change in a Suffolk Coastal Town by David Butcher

A detailed history of the town of Lowestoft, its society, economy, and topography. `A superbly researched study.... An excellent addition not only to the history of Suffolk but of early modern society and economy more generally.' Professor RICHARD SMITH, University of Cambridge.


£10m multi-use hub Town Hall

A £10m transformation of a former town hall building will bring "social and economic benefit", a council said.

The granting of planning permission means the building in Lowestoft, Suffolk, will become a multi-use hub and will include a cafe, gallery and a community event space. CREDIT: BBC 

Safe room

From Counting House to Cosy House!

From 'Counting House' in 1812 to now a welcoming private residence , via a Bank manager taking refuge under his bed covers to avoid wartime bomb damage and a 1960's modern refit, this building has been through more than most!
William Buckingham Beatton

Football's Role in Wartime

Many professional footballers served in the forces. Those killed in action included Lowestoft's own Ivan Flowers who played for Wolverhampton Wanderers and Mansfield Town. At a local level Abiah Sabberton (who also took part in tug of war), Thomas Chenery were both in the Great Eastern Railway football team. In 1898 Lowestoft football team captain, William Beatton, so impressed the opposing team Aston Villa (FA Cup winners and officially the best team in England) that they asked him to join them!


#LowestoftDaysOfChristmas 10th day.. FROM SWAN INN and CROMWELL's HQ to well loved shops in many guises. Nos. 41-42 High Street, as seen today, are replacement buildings for "The Swan" inn, which once occupied the site and served as one of Lowestoft's premier hostelries during the 16th and 17th centuries. It was where Oliver Cromwell stayed overnight on 14 March 1643/44, when he came to Lowestoft (from Cambridge) with a force of cavalry, having heard tell of a shipment of arms either entering or leaving the town (it has never been established which).

Lowestoft Triangle Market August 2020

History of Triangle Market

This is a chronological account of Lowestoft's Triangle Market, which has been in existence for over 700 years. 

1208 King John issued Charter to Great Yarmouth creating Great Yarmouth as a free Burgh and other useful things, but were “...not being allowed to receive any custom of goods bought or sold in the market in Lothingland at any time of the year.” (Gillingwater's History of Lowestoft A reprint: with a chapter of more recent events by AE Murton 1897)

1251 Kessingland Market Charter granted in the reign of Henry 111

Photo of Bob's Van being re-roofed

Triangle Market Resurgence

Lowestoft Town Council are busily working on rejuvenating The Triangle Market Place. The ex-Bob the Grocer's van is being re-furbished and re-roofed right now. Word has it that the new permanent stalls will be in place in the near future. Rock on, LTC..

Poster Quiz Night at Triangle Tavern 14th March 2024

Quiz Night with Mr T

Quiz NIght at the Triangle. 5 rounds, £2 per person, MAX five in a team.

Poster about Vinyl Night at the Triangle on 21st March

Vinyl Night with The Polemical Brothers

Vinyl Night at Triangle Tavern featuring The Polemical Brothers. Bring your own Vinyl to guarantee at least one track you like!

Suffolk Histories Meeting

Suffolk Recorders 

Ipswich zoom meeting Cllr Carole Jones Contact in bury Suffolk sight meeting + newsletter article 2.5k Scanner - business dir idea 

Meeting with LADIA 

Ambassador event 8th mar John/christine to attend 

Man on ladder drawing light bulb on big blackboard

Wouldn't it be GREAT if...

A collection of musings and ideas that may benefit the local community.. if only we could remember what they are! lol

  • High Street leaflet highlighting the amazing diversity of businesses we have
  • Use content from above as features on Facebook
  • High St traders group (see Tim for details)
  • Mini beach train but serving High St (hey all ideas welcome)
  • A mailing list with regular updates/ offers
  • umm .. other things that Piers said

Please add other ideas in the comments below...


Marketing support pack

Thank you for expressing your interest in using the Lowestoft branding assets.   Within the google drive there will be access to the Lowestoft Story, The Lowestoft Toolkit (brand guidelines), The Font, visual identity, visual language and the photography elements.   The link to access the documents is below

If you have any questions regarding anything within the google drive, then please let me know.


Damage at Ness Point

The mindless, unnecessary, criminal damage that is currently happening to the most easterly landmark in the UK must stop. The recent damage, (5/12/23) to the Euroscope at Ness Point will cost thousands of pounds of tax payers’ money to repair. 

The damage has been reported to the police. Please come forward with any information you may have on why this damaging action is happening and who the perpetrator may be. Please contact Suffolk Police on with any information by reporting online

Poster for Bulky Waste Disposal Scheme

Bulky Waste Free Collection and Disposal Scheme

Sometimes we have big household items which we need to replace. Quite often the replacements are second-hand, and households are left with large things which are difficult to get rid of, especially if you don't have access to a van or a trailer or something. And so sometimes they get dumped in back alleys or on the street. Fly-tipping. No one wants that.

Lowestoft Town Council has a remedy. They are funding a trial scheme 'Bulky Waste Free Collection and Disposal' service.

missing pieces

Missing Pieces Project

Historic England's Missing Pieces Project invites you to share your pictures and stories of the unique, significant and memorable places on the National Heritage List for England (otherwise known as ‘the List’). The List is a register of all nationally protected historic buildings and sites across England.

Your view of a place, including Lowestoft,  is as unique as you are, so every snapshot and story you add is an important piece of the picture. 


Dean Parkin - Book Signing


Janice Burns & Jon Doran

Mayfly - Janice Burns & Jon Doran

Janice Burns & Jon Doran make a much-anticipated return to Lowestoft this winter!

Janice Burns & Jon Doran are an award-winning Anglo-Scottish duo who came together after discovering a shared love of traditional music. Their songs tell vivid stories about the nature of life and our place in the world. SOLD OUT


The Grit - A Myriad Delight

You go beneath some scaffolding, through a couple of doors, turn left and suddenly there's a different vista in front of you. Fairy lights, huge Desmond Baldry local landscapes, there's Books and Prints, an array of tables. Even a real piano. A counter. And quite likely, a smiling Piers. It all draws you in.

The Grit is an inviting place, which is odd as it's housed inside a brutal fortress County Court constructed in 1989, then closed twenty seven years later.


Downhill from here!

#LowestoftSKYLINE Challenge #2 because there is a ground level drop of over 10m between the top of the High street and the bottom, if we positioned each building accurately placing the Town Hall was at ground level (bottom of the screen) then Old Devereux building would be mostly underground! So we need to subtlety adjust each building image to ensure the Skyline page works correctly and makes maximum use of the screen area. This has a knock on effect when sizing each building correctly relative to each other, more on this next week. Launch date Sat 13/1/24


Featured in National Magazine

#ourfallenlowestoft FEATURED IN BBC NATIONAL MAGAZINE! Current issue of “Who Do You Think You Are?  Special thanks to Lowestoft Town Council and everyone who has generously shared their photos and memories with us. 


True Colours Meetup

True Colours is a new group for the LGBTQ+ (over 18) community in Lowestoft. We meet socially once a month at The Kirkley Centre and we also organise walking trips, days out and other events for the LGBTQ+


Town Hall Challenges and Opportunities

Without doubt, the biggest technical challenge for retrofitting historic buildings, such as Lowestoft Town Hall, is accommodating plant and services. Air-source heat pumps (ASHP) cannot be placed in basements, unlike traditional boilers, as they need air (obviously). They also must be visually and acoustically screened. Read more CREDIT:


Stand back!

The first challenge is that many High Street buildings are so tall that even standing the other side of the street it isn’t possible to fit it all in! So as you can see in this example you have to take at an angle and then correct the perspective, add a very wide border to avoid losing any building details!. (Apple Photos > Edit > Crop > Vertical ) Having rechecked its height relative to the adjoining buildings we can then add it into the Skyline project. Only 152 still to do!

Image: Book Sale Poster 16th December

Triangle Book Sale for Shed

Front Bar. Triangle Tavern. Book Sale in aid of North Lowestoft Men's Shed