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Triangle Tree NOT for the chop!

Triangle Trees 10th November 2022
Triangle Trees 10th November 2022
 Triangle Tree Plan 13th November 2022
Triangle Tree Plan 13th November 2022
 Triangle Tree October 2022
Triangle Tree October 2022
 A tree in pavement in Norwich
A tree in pavement in Norwich

Reported rumours that Triangle Trees were for the chop turn out to be true – sort of.

LO&N published on Friday 11th a story which noted rumours that the four trees in front of the Sails were coming down.

We wrote that clearly this was unlikely, as Lowestoft Town Council (LTC) recognised Climate Emergency and was an Earth Protector.

We had asked LTC what was going on.

Now, we have more facts.

Jamie Reay's memorial Tree is to remain. The other three trees are coming down, to be replaced by strong sapling pear trees which won't disturb carefully laid paving slabs.

LTC have been grappling with what to do with the Sails and the whole area for many months.( Full Council Minutes here)

LTC told us on Friday afternoon that signs were being erected explaining the plan - and there are now three signs in place.

The fences previously erected at the beginning of November were plain green plastic netting. Now, they proudly display large explanatory posters, describing a Triangle Improvement  Plan. You can see the Plan in our photo. It's in Three Stages. There are some questions about it.

Stage One

Three trees to be removed, to be replaced with pear trees.

Jamie Reay's memorial Tree is to remain.

The paving slabs are being uprooted and relaid.

The green fence at the back is to be removed.

Stage Two

The Sails are to be removed

Stage Three

Toilets refurbished

And there will be a consultation on what else should be done. "Lowestoft Town Council is inviting members of the public to share ideas for the future development and use of the area. If you have any ideas, you are welcome to submit them to us by emailing"

However, communication from a councillor does suggests that this Plan is not actually cut and dried. For example 'A decision to remove the sails was taken at full council was also agreed that ... the sails remain in situ whilst we establish planning permission requirements” (our emphasis). 

Not so much a Plan, more an Ambition, perhaps. But, that's what we need - ambition. 

Lowestoft Town Council want your thoughts. And so do we.

Our story attracted some reaction, including a coincidental and amicable chat with LTC councillors at Lowestoft's Old And Now 'Let's Talk History' open event at The Grit on Friday 11th.

Lowestoft Old and Now is a Community Website – it supports and publicises community action. It also has a belief that it should report and bring to people's attention things of community importance.

It desires completely that all the organisations, all the agencies, all the community groups, should work together to keep Lowestoft a functioning, vibrant and successful town.







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