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TT Quiz Night

credit:Chelsea Kemp
credit:Chelsea Kemp
credit:Chelsea Kemp
credit:Chelsea Kemp

The Triangle Tavern, home to Green Jack Beers and a juke-box-less front bar, is starting up its Quiz Nights again. At the moment it's monthly, but if it works, it might go fortnightly. 

The 2nd Prize – a unique Quiz t-shirt

The Cost - £2.00 per person (cash only)

The Teams – max 5 per team, min 1 person . One person teams get automatic 5 bonus points

The Rounds – Five rounds – usually 2 general, 1 single category eg 'science', 1 local, 1 sound or picture.

The Points – 50 questions, 2 points each. Single, half and quarter points may be available on some questions

The Intermission – after two rounds with nibbles

29 Saint Peter's Street
United Kingdom

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