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Mayfly Community Garden

Many of you will be aware of our ongoing efforts to improve the land to the rear of the Mayfly. Despite running battles with flytippers, we’ve made huge progress, and we’re keen to keep going. However, we’ve been told we’re no longer able to access the recycling centre without a waste carriers licence, and haven’t the funds for a skip. So we’re very grateful indeed to Jo Thompson for setting up the below fundraiser. Any donations will be greatly appreciated and will have an immediate and positive impact on the land, environment, and on the improvement of Rant Score. Thanks! - Piers Colby

We are fundraising to support a wonderful new community venue The Mayfly 72 High Street, which from Small beginnings has already enriched our local community. Our first project is to turn the wasteland rubbish tip at the back into a wonderful community Garden. If we can hire a skip (£250) it would make a big difference.

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