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Celebrating Heritage, Promoting Our Future

Wouldn't it be GREAT if...

A collection of musings and ideas that may benefit the local community.. if only we could remember what they are! lol

  • High Street leaflet highlighting the amazing diversity of businesses we have
  • Use content from above as features on Facebook
  • High St traders group (see Tim for details)
  • Mini beach train but serving High St (hey all ideas welcome)
  • A mailing list with regular updates/ offers
  • umm .. other things that Piers said

Please add other ideas in the comments below...


Piers (not verified) Thu, 08/02/2024 - 18:40

What about a big list of weekly shopping items, and independent shops marked against these eg.
Dishwashing liquid - Uncle Sid’s / 45 High Street
Dog food - High Street Hounds / 66/66a High Street
Presented as a visual aid, possibly with a map - ‘How to shop using independent shops in Lowestoft’
Might be interesting to see where the gaps are and prompt some discussion on getting them filled.

Piers (not verified) Sat, 10/02/2024 - 00:29

Wait! What about a Lowestoft Tool Bank? There ought to be a central place, maybe like a big shipping container or something, that has all sorts of power tools and whatnot, everything you need to get stuff done, and you can sign things out and return them like a free library service for tools so people can get cracking with no expense issues.

John Ellerby Sat, 10/02/2024 - 09:55

In reply to by Piers (not verified)

Lowestoft Tool Bank is a good idea. North Lowestoft Men's Shed, for example, is gradually gaining a collection of hand-powered tools which might be a starting point sometime in the future. If the Shed gets hold of the old ex-Chadds building in Denmark Road, they hope to develop a version of repair shop. The Tool Bank tidea is not an easy one to carry out, though. Tools are expensive (hence the need for the service, of course), and they are dangerous (you need skills to use them), and insurance might be difficult to get. However, a place where people can come, use the tools in a safe environment, learn from others, pass on their own skills - now that might work.


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