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What is a Shed?


Sheds can be anything the members want them to be, but a shed offers a meeting place where like-minded people can meet up, share worries, pleasures and ideas.

Usually, but not exclusively, the members are retired men and possibly feeling a little isolated. They are about having fun, sharing skills and knowledge, about having a renewed sense of purpose and belonging, without the need to feel any pressure.

A Shed is about filling needs, creating a community and maybe about helping others as well

As many retired men know, life when work ends can sometimes seem a bit daunting and many may feel they no longer have a sense of purpose, or they might miss the routine and camaraderie that often comes with working life. 

A shed is usually a place where skills can be utilized or new skills learned. Many are into woodworking, repairing and creating, but really its purpose could be almost anything, photography, car repairs, boat building, there really is no limit.


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