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North Lowestoft Men's Shed
If I had a hammer...

Men's Shed Update

Building and Land Arial Shot
Building and Land Arial Shot
 Zeppelin Raid 1915 The Stables
Zeppelin Raid 1915 The Stables
 Inside The Stables
Inside The Stables

[First published around January 2023, edited for historical accuracy of photo 12/11/2023]

We're still in mid-stride!

The three surveys of the building in Denmark Road that we have been waiting for have been given the OK to go ahead. So let's hope they are done nice and quickly, as the results – asbestos, electrical, structural – will decide whether we will be able to continue our journey.

Some of our members have become Station Adopters, which means soon we will have access to the land to the east of The Stables Railway Shed, and can meet there and get on with the business of deciding what to do with it. Via Phil of Greater Anglia we have had an offer of help from a 'railway vegetation clearance company' which we will be following up.

We've had a offer from Ronseal for free paint, but as yet we don't have anything to use it on...

We're hoping to have an inaugural meeting with Greater Anglia on the land within the next few weeks. Once that has happened, we'll be actively looking for more members and generally putting North Lowestoft men's Shed into the public eye.

Please keep watching our Facebook page and this website.

NB Year changed on Zeppelin photo from 1916 to 1915







NR32 2JR
122 Denmark Road
United Kingdom

52.47485063069, 1.7448969093815

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