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Land of Hope and Dreams

Alan Neville, Greater Anglia, gives key to John Ellerby (NLMS)
Alan Neville, Greater Anglia, gives key to John Ellerby (NLMS)

Finally. We have a base of operations!

North Lowestoft Men's Shed has become 'custodians' of a piece of land just to the east of the signal box next to Denmark Road.

We're officially 'Station Adopters' and we have a free hand with the land, though of course we can't build on it. Current thinking is wildlife area, a few fruit trees, and area to sit and contemplate...

We're hoping to get a container – our first Shed' - within the next few months.

A few things have to happen first, though.

It turns out that Anglian Water placed a large sewer under the land in 2006/7, which might have included a large water tank. As we're not sure how close to the surface it is – and it's roughly where we'd like to put our container – we're waiting for the survey/work details from Anglian Water.

But this is our Shed – and though it's not actually a Shed, it is a beginning. And soon we'll have a container. Or similar. First job will be to make a hard standing for it.

In February, we received keys to the land from Alan Neville, Greater Anglia Community and Customer Engagement Manager. The Community Rail Partnership – in the guise of Martin Halliday – has been the main driver of our gaining access to the land. Big up to them and him.

So, if you want to help, get in touch. We don't have a shed yet, but we do have a land of hope and dreams!

We meet most weeks at The Grit on Wednesdays at 11.30. Just turn up to find out what's happening. (Old grey-haired blokes drinking coffee, so easy to spot).

We have a website and a Facebook Page.


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