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Banksy Vending Machine

Vending pic
Original banksy
The Original banksy
Finished mural
Karyna Iryna Joe
Original banksy
The Original banksy

The Banksy Spraycation street art gave Lowestoft a real boost at a difficult time and added to a sense of pride.

I'm sure you are aware this was short lived, when landlords went to extraordinary lengths to literally rip out this new sense of community and auction to the highest bidder in America.  
I designed and created this mural of a 'Banksy' vending machine to make a point and hopefully encourage people to think!

I think in my mind I was keen not to mislead people but start a debate

Is it or isn't it? If it is should we just cut it out the wall and send it to America to sell (again)
Maybe the fact that it is in a vending machine is commenting on this attitude.

Maybe it doesn't matter and should just be judged for it's value to the community..
I think all the above doesn't work as well if you clarify/ comment on it so the ambiguity was part of it for me

All good wishes


(special thanks to our Ukrainian guests, Iryna and Karyna for their help)

ps we would like to talk to local street artist to hear how we can help promote their work. Please ring Joe if you are one or know of any please 07590531926 


52.481993743745, 1.7560010963299


62 High Street
NR32 1JA
United Kingdom


Who for?


Lesley (not verified) Fri, 01/07/2022 - 15:04

Wow that's amazing! Would love to see it for real. Did you do it freehand as I imagine it would be difficult to do the projection trick outside?

sid (not verified) Tue, 12/07/2022 - 10:25

Is this a permanent mural??
REPLY- As long as it pleases the community it will probably stay- joe

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