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Celebrating Heritage, Promoting Our Future


Image: Maria Demierre, Hugh Davies, John Ellerby

Lowdown Creates Festival Hoedown

Lowestoft's culture zine, Lowdown, took a version of itself to FolkEast (August 17 – 20), and produced three editions in three days, plus a super-fast late-late Final, complete with a World Cup report!


Venue - transforming our community through the arts


Haydn - Nelson Mass and Missa Brevis in F


Beatus Vir

Marina Theatre

The Marina Theatre is at the cultural heart of the Lowestoft, Waveney and Suffolk community

We deliver a wide range of shows, films, events and community activities, bringing in a diverse range of audiences of around 80,000 per year.


By artist Matt Jones 


An excellent night out, for its time the film even had some special effects! Stephen’s live soundtrack added to the mood. The headphones provided gave an immersive experience and the film story kept us on the edge of our deckchair (no spoilers!)

I would encourage everyone to check out the next Screen on the sands.

For this unique beach cinema experience on the eve of 2022’s Festival, pianist Stephen Horne provides a live, improvised soundtrack to the 1926 silent masterpiece, Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans. 


First Light happened! Rain, a thunderstorm, premature burning, stunning kites, magic music, tear-making moments, delicious oysters, some excellent rants, and a beautiful Sunday morning.

I only managed to experience a smidgeon of what was on offer in the 24 hours, but those moments were worthwhile indeed.

Andy Sheppard's evening jazz set, the Shanties, the Coronation Kings (who movingly celebrated Father's day and Lowestoft's amazing musical heritage), and Group A were my particular highlights.


Following today’s article in the Eastern Daily Press and further interest on the Lowestoft Virtual Creative Hub the Spraycation debate has continued. 

For some it has highlighted the disappointment of losing the original Banksy, but for others it has raised the possibility of highlighting the talents of local Street artists. 

The story has already generated a request from a prominent town centre business for another commission from Joe Thompson, which he is currently considering.


The Banksy Spraycation street art gave Lowestoft a real boost at a difficult time and added to a sense of pride.

I'm sure you are aware this was short lived, when landlords went to extraordinary lengths to literally rip out this new sense of community and auction to the highest bidder in America.  
I designed and created this mural of a 'Banksy' vending machine to make a point and hopefully encourage people to think!

I think in my mind I was keen not to mislead people but start a debate