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Last Resort by Alison Laurie

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Currently meets every first Monday of the month. We read a book a month and discuss it.  



A Promised Land by Barack Obama The new book by former President Obama tells of the journey from his earliest political aspirations to his presidency, and is an “elegant, thoughtful memoir”, according to the Independent. A Promised Land takes the reader inside the Oval Office and the White House situation room, as well as locations across the globe, from Moscow and Cairo to Beijing.

This month's read is open to everyone Anyone who enjoys reading and sharing with others   

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On-screen book clubs "When Boris Johnson plunged the country into lockdown back in March 2020, the Zoom quiz was born.

Fast forward eleven months and let's face it - we've all had enough.

But what else is there to keep us in touch with friends and family, and away from Netflix?" (BBC Newsbeat 20/2/21) If you've completed Netflix and are now dusting off some of the books you've been meaning to read then a book club is a good option.


You go beneath some scaffolding, through a couple of doors, turn left and suddenly there's a different vista in front of you. Fairy lights, huge Desmond Baldry local landscapes, there's Books and Prints, an array of tables. Even a real piano. A counter. And quite likely, a smiling Piers. It all draws you in.

The Grit is an inviting place, which is odd as it's housed inside a brutal fortress County Court constructed in 1989, then closed twenty seven years later.


by John Hadfield is the book for this month.