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Celebrating Heritage, Promoting Our Future

repairing and restoring

Interior of shed

North Lowestoft Men's Shed's first PHYSICAL meeting since March 2020 COMING in June 2021.Venue to be confirmed.


Local designer, Joe Thompson, gave this games room an oriental look using a projector and a steady hand.

Having chosen the design, he then projected a negative image (top tip: so you don't draw round shadows!) onto the wall. A steady hand then drew around the outline (top to bottom to avoid smudging). 

Once done it is then a matter of filling in with paint - Job done! Time taken 20 hours and 30 cups of tea



Building and Land Arial Shot

[First published around January 2023, edited for historical accuracy of photo 12/11/2023]

We're still in mid-stride!

The three surveys of the building in Denmark Road that we have been waiting for have been given the OK to go ahead. So let's hope they are done nice and quickly, as the results – asbestos, electrical, structural – will decide whether we will be able to continue our journey.

East Pint Beer Fest poster

Beer Festival at East Point Pavilion

From 12 noon every day 26-28th August

Beers include Green Jack's Orange Wheat

Ampersand's Cream Ale

Three Blind Mice's Rabbits on the Perimeter

Nene Valley's Jim Irving Pale

and many more


North Lowestoft Shed Logo

This is main Men's Shed. Details to follow.
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