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Refilling and reusing old containers is a great way to reduce the amount of plastic and packaging we use. There are shops and businesses all over Suffolk offering refill services, ranging from household cleaning products to dried goods such as rice or oats and even loose-leaf tea and chocolate! Just click on the icons on the map to find a refill shop or see the table below. Please do contact the shops for more information before making a visit to check they have the items you want. It might sound obvious but don’t forget to take all the containers you need with you!


Proposals to introduce a deposit return scheme (DRS) for drinks containers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This would include drinks containers such as:   glass bottles plastic bottles cans   

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Use It All is all about trying to reduce our individual carbon footprint. Terracycling is one of the things we can do. Terracyling is actually the name of a US company who specialise in recycling stuff that other systems find hard to process or turn into something else.  "Zero Waste Boxes"   

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Community RePaint scheme  Re-Utilise in Whapload Road IS OPEN

Purchasing affordable paint from a scheme
Our schemes sell leftover, reusable paint from just £1 per litre!
Why not get in touch with Re-Utilise directly to find out what paint they have in stock and the COVID safety measures in place.


UK citizens are the worst consumers in Europe for buying single-use, irreparable goods. In this new BBC Radio 4 programme material scientist Professor Mark Miodownik explores how we got to this unsustainable state.

You can find the programmes here

Street saved

Discussing Lowestoft’s win of the “street that Saved’ competition 

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We are living in the age of waste. Is design the answer to leaving our throwaway culture behind? 


'Fascinating, beautiful glimpses into a brave new world of design.’


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