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'Make do and Mend' was the name of a booklet produced in the 2nd World War. It isn't about 'making do'. It's about 'mend'. It feels good to fix stuff. To add life to a broken thing. So rather than chuck it in the Blue Bin or re-cycling - why not see if you can repair it. Or find someone who can. Or someone who likes repairing things. Bikes for example - Cycle Recycle needs bikes - they'll even collect. Or take them to the Recycle Centre in Hadenham Road, South Lowestoft Industrial Estate.


Oil to be cleared from North Beach

East Suffolk Council have announced (23/2/21) they will clear the exposed lumps of fuel oil previously buried in 1978 on North Beach, and will try to work out what to do next.

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Dare To Repair - new to BBC Radio

UK citizens are the worst consumers in Europe for buying single-use, irreparable goods.

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Use It All is all about trying to reduce our individual carbon footprint. Terracycling is one of the things we can do.

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Take the Repair Plunge

About three years ago my already rather old laptop started behaving very erratically - sudden freezing, getting slower and slower - generally, becoming a pain.

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