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Use It All is all about trying to reduce our individual carbon footprint. Terracycling is one of the things we can do. Terracyling is actually the name of a US company who specialise in recycling stuff that other systems find hard to process or turn into something else.  "Zero Waste Boxes"   


East Suffolk Council have announced (23/2/21) they will clear the exposed lumps of fuel oil previously buried in 1978 on North Beach, and will try to work out what to do next. They think that the oil may be more liquid in the bigger deposits. Anglian Water sewerage pipes run underneath the dunes, which is a further problem. ESC are adamant they are closely monitoring the situation.

Questions about the Eleni V oil on North Beach are ramping up. Local politicians are asking when something is going to be done. Social media is doing its strident thing.


About three years ago my already rather old laptop started behaving very erratically - sudden freezing, getting slower and slower - generally, becoming a pain.

Eventually I worked out it was overheating. Usually this is dust on the fan. Dust everywhere, in fact. I knew fixing this would mean taking the thing apart,and worse, putting it back together again. The other options - getting a replacement or taking it to a computer shop for repair, both involved cost, and replacement a great deal of hassle (transferring all the files and so on).


UK citizens are the worst consumers in Europe for buying single-use, irreparable goods. In this new BBC Radio 4 programme material scientist Professor Mark Miodownik explores how we got to this unsustainable state.

You can find the programmes here