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Cherry Picker Picks Sail

Triangle Sails Torn Down

Workmen are busy taking down the roof of the Triangle Sails, and have started to saw down the metal framework.

So far, the trees are still standing.

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True Colours Meetup

True Colours is a new group for the LGBTQ+ (over 18) community in Lowestoft.

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Image of This Crisis Demands Action

This Crisis Demands Action - Britten Centre

Demonstration to highlight the need for action because of climate emergency, wealth inequality, cost of living.

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Music at Triangle Tavern

Music at Triangle Tavern, every Friday evening.

2nd Sept Optimists

9th Sept Gratified Soul

16th Sept Ben and Maisie

23rd Sept Storm

30th Sept Harpoon

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John Ward at Seagull poster

Buffalo Bill Comes to Lowestoft

On 8th Sept 1903, Buffalo Bill’s spectacular wild west show came thundering into Lowestoft.

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Free Health event

Lowestoft residents are invited to a free health event at High Street Surgery on Monday 8 August - drop in between 10am and 3pm to meet the surgery team and receive health and wellbeing information

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The New Curiosity Shop

Poetry and The Planet

The New Curiosity Shop, brainchild of Hugh Davies and Paul Mills, is a series of events bringing art and cultural happenings to Lowestoft. The only agenda is 'This is fun/interesting/intriguing'.

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Jazz Weekend image

Lowestoft Jazz Weekend

Seagull Theatre featuring John Etheridge & Christian Garrick; Arun Ghosh Band; Claire Martin Quartet; beyond Cantaloupe (the music of Herbie Hancock; Eddie Seales Big Band

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